Hello world!

We’re excited to announce our new game development blog!

So who are we? Dauntless Studios is a startup game studio consisting of four developers located in the Netherlands. We aim to design and develop novel game concepts that represent our vision and ideas. We want to share these within our development blog and keep you updated on the growth of our progress.

Life’s too short to build something nobody wants. Ash Maurya

During our first months we fell into the common pitfall of falling in love with our own solution, only to find out that no-one else did. Luckily we recently realized this and therefore started to reinvent our approach of developing games.

Our new approach to game development is more agile and community-driven. Before we dive into our basements for development, we want to test and discuss a minimal version of a game concept with the ones interested. When we have found a fun and appealing game concept we will iterate on its development until its ready for publishing. During this process we will keep you updated, so make sure to check out our blog regularly!

Our topic next week will be about game jams, MVP’s and how they relate.